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Twitter Updates Privacy Policy: Data Sharing Made Easier

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If you’ve logged into Twitter over the past few days, you were likely greeted with the following message upon sign in:

“We’re updating our privacy policy to bring you a more personalized experience. We’ll soon be making Twitter more relevant by using your visits to sites with Twitter content. And we’ve given you even more control over your data.”

This might come as a concern for some, and it should. 

Over the early years, Twitter had demonstrated steady growth through its IPO, the size of its user base, average number of tweets sent, but also through acquiring a variety of smaller tech. startups that showed promise in their beginning stages of development. However, recent years have been a different story.

Twitter, today

In recent times, Twitter has been under scrutiny for its lack of growth and innovation. In fact, in 2015, for the first time in its existence, Twitter announced a decrease in the size of their user base by 12%. After its Q4 earnings report for 2015, the company’s stock began to slide, and continued to see record low stock prices.

Twitter’s only real innovations in recent years have revolved around streaming live video, both through major events like NFL football games, but also through live streaming your daily life via  its acquisition of Periscope. While these innovations have shown some success, the company is still not living up to expectations when it comes to growing and innovating.

It’s evident that these recent changes from Twitter are in direct correlation with the company’s struggles in recent years in order to help them boost their bottom line. Big data is extremely valuable, and Twitter already has an infrastructure in place to begin tracking user data on a much greater scale.

Privacy Policy Changes

The most concerning piece of this Privacy

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