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This is how absolutely headdeskingly clueless politicians are at anything IT security related

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The Swedish IT leak scandal has caused a governmental crisis: even when having all the reason to read up on IT security, today’s politicians just can’t get it right. The Swedish leak where classified data and networks was outsourced outside the European Union was not an isolated incident, but a pervasive pattern where things are kept safe mostly by good luck and the occasional person who knows their stuff fixing things properly out of pure subordination. This week, the opposition leader stated that the physical location of a server is of no importance as far as security goes.

Heads are rolling in Swedish government following the revelation that classified data and networks have been leaking out of the country for two years, and still are. Unfortunately, the major players have turned it into politics-as-usual and are trying to score cheap points like it were any other matter, which devalues the seriousness of the matter considerably, and politicians are exposing their utter and shocking cluelessness in the process.

A quick recap: A Swedish governmental agency finds security laws annoying, makes a formal and notarized meeting decision to break the laws, and subsequently exposes everything from military operators to protected witnesses to uncleared personnel in foreign countries. The head of the agency is find half a month’s paycheck and fired. Media finds out not from press releases, but from extensive digging: it’s clear that the government has tried to hush the whole thing down as far as possible.

Subsequently, there’s a governmental crisis, a vote of no confidence has been announced, and two ministers were been fired from the cabinet (before the vote had a chance to take place) for their role in knowing about this and doing just about nothing.

So do politicians understand why this catastrophic leak is, well, catastrophic?

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