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It’s not just online privacy, Verizon also wants FCC to ban states from protecting your net neutrality

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Verizon does not want states or localities to have the ability to enact their own net neutrality rules should the FCC vote to destroy net neutrality under the guise of “Restoring Internet Freedom” later this year. A recent Verizon whitepaper, which was mailed to the FCC last week, reveals the company’s incessant pushing. And the valid concern is that the FCC, currently chaired by a former Verizon employee – is actually listening.

Verizon proves it doesn’t care about your online privacy or your net neutrality

Verizon has a long history of doing everything within their power to continue tracking their users and essentially violating their online privacy – even when online privacy rules were in place federally. They do this for profit – which is the same reason why there is a 4K video ban – mobile video is throttled to 720P for smartphones and 1080P for tablets. While the above is not a net neutrality violation because it’s happening on mobile networks – it’s just a taste of what’s to come around the country should net neutrality rules be repealed by the FCC. Remember the Removal of Net Neutrality Simulator?

Realistically, they are worried about the legal challenges they will face from all these different States and localities. From supercookies to appflash, Verizon’s track record is far from squeaky clean. They’ve even lobbied the FCC and politicians specifically for this right – and this is another example of that hellish bent.

Verizon seeks to prevent State laws

The Verizon letter to the FCC, which outlined legal precedents that the FCC could use to strike down State and local laws protecting online privacy, contained this tid bit about Verizon’s thoughts

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