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How to stop your mobile phone number and location from being sold

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Smartphone users are becoming aware that their phone number and location isn’t private when they use the internet on their data plans. When you visit a website on your smartphone, both the site itself and sometimes advertisers on the site can view your mobile IP address. Since the IP address is given by your telecom from the cell tower, your IP address when you’re using 4G or 3G will always be tied back to your billing information. While this makes sense from a security perspective, what doesn’t make sense is that companies around the world are able to take your mobile IP address, which is given away every single time you visit a website or use an app, and find out your full phone number, home address, email address, and even location (as given by the cell tower) because this information is readily sold by telecoms to third parties. This isn’t a supercookie, it simply works with your telecom provided mobile IP address – and changing it.

How to keep your private information from being sold when using your smartphone: Change your smartphone’s IP address

Back in 2015, Verizon was stopped by the Federal Communications Commission from serving a super cookie that allowed similar always-on tracking to be deployed and used by advertisers. The past decision does seem to be keeping Verizon from doing the exact same thing; however, it seems that telecoms have realized that they already have a persistent method of tracking their users (the IP addresses they give our smartphones) – and an ability to sell corresponding billing information to eager advertisers. All they need to do is run a query. Up until last week, it was possible

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