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Defend the open internet: Tomorrow is the Internet’s Net Neutrality Day of Action

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Tomorrow, on July 12th, the Internet will commemorate a Net Neutrality Day of Action to stand up for net neutrality in the United States. Net Neutrality is the idea that internet service providers (ISPs) should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products, services, or websites. That means no zero-rating, no fast lanes, and no slow lanes – just an open internet where providers must treat all data equally. Without net neutrality,

According to a recent net neutrality poll, 77% of Americans are in favor of keeping the existing FCC net neutrality rules. Despite that, the FCC plans to remove net neutrality protections from American internet users with a rule-making change all done in the name of “Restoring Internet Freedom.” Needless to say, ending net neutrality is the opposite of restoring internet freedom. To combat this, tech organizations around the country have organized at Battle for the Net to take a day of action on July 12th.

Google, Facebook, Netflix, Private Internet Access, Mozilla, Cloudflare Vimeo, Snap Inc, and Amazon are just some of the big names that will be participating in this year’s Net Neutrality Day of Action. The list of participating websites goes on and on and includes hundreds of companies. As you use the internet tomorrow, you will inevitably come across a pop-up imploring you to submit a comment about net neutrality to the FCC. The FCC has indicated that the growing number of pro-net neutrality comments actually might affect the FCC’s decision on net neutrality.

In 2014, many of the same tech companies and internet activists participated in a day of action called the Internet Slowdown Day to raise awareness for net neutrality. In 2012, the Internet Defense League rallied the internet to stop the passage of

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