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Blur V. 7.6: Improvements, Updates and Bug Fixes

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It feels like it’s been FOREVER since the last Blur update! Last week, we finally released Blur v. 7.6, our first update in a few months. It may not be obvious at first, but we’ve been hard at work over the past several months improving our backend structure, a wide variety of Blur features, in addition to improving our DeleteMe service.

Check out our favorite Blur improvements below:

Blur Performance Improvements

General Speed: We’ve spent countless man hours improving Blur’s processing speeds. The largest speed issue that we were dealing with revolved around the way that we encrypt your stored data, decrypt your stored data, and deliver it back to you through the Blur interface. Essentially, we’ve completely revamped the process we use to encrypt and then decrypt your data, without compromising security, making Blur faster than ever.

Specifically, we keep your data private and secure by doing all the encryption (and decryption) only on your computer or phone.  Every time Abine’s servers handle or store your data it’s encrypted in way that ensures that nobody but you can access your data.  When Blur is running, decrypting your data to access account information or to synchronize your data across devices can take a little time, especially if you have lots of accounts.  We’ve made the decryption code over 10 times faster using an improved high-performance cryptographic library (asmcrypto) that provides the same level strong encryption for your data.

Simply put: you’ll be able to access your stored Blur data up to 10x faster. 

Blur for iOS, iPhone and iPad 

Auto-lock: We’ve fixed a longstanding issue with the auto-lock setting for our iOS app. Previously, assigning the ‘auto-lock’ security setting to ‘never’, was resulting in the account getting locked after a force quit or an unexpected crash.

We’ve resolved this

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